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The Answers are objects


What is a face?

  1. The final layer on a clock, the finishing touch

What are nails?

  1. The materials used to keep paintings and other materials

       on a wall.

What are feet?

  1. Those porcelain shaped objects holding up a bathtub

What are legs?

  1. The lower part of a chair that holds it up.

What is a tongue?

  1.  The Hard piece of fabric just below the laces.

What is the hand?

  1. The piece of a clock that moves to reflect the time.

What is a Mouth?

  1.  The place in which a river meets the sea.

What is hair?

What is hair??

What is hair???

  1.  I’m not sure

Who Am I

Sadness slows, still the world is colorless, boring. I am sad. I am angry

I don’t know who I am. The sadness in my life is limitless. Who am I? Who am I?

I will ask my self. I sit quietly staring. Who am I? Who am I? The noises the voices.

Who am I? Who am I? The Mixing of emotions. Turning my life upside down.

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

The voice echoes in the wind.

Who am I?

Who Am I?


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The Outdoors

Hi everyone,

 So in my creative writing class we were asked to write a poem, this is the poem that I wrote,

Hope you like it 🙂



It is the outdoors,

The sun is shining ever so bright,

You could tell it was day, not night,

You could hear the birds chirping near the door,

It almost makes my ears sore,

The trees are dancing with their leaves, oh what a sight,

Maybe someone is even flying their kite,

These trees may be so hollow, right down to their core.


These dandelions bouncing so delicately in the wind,

As the sun is falling over their heads, they stand up ever so straight as though they are held…

To the sky,

It is still moving them,  I mean, the wind,

The sight is one to see, I felt as though I was spelled,

Oh what a sight to see, oh my…



Happy Dec.1

December first, the start, The start of counting. The start, of a new month, a new day, a new time. December first is a day of waiting, waiting until the snow starts to fall on your hair, eyelashes, and tongue. A day of waiting until your presents arrive under your tree. It is also a day of fun in the fall while you wait. December first is a fun day, you will love!


Happy December 1st everyone! I will try to post everyday. Also, I will finish starting of my youtube channel! 🙂  Go check this out, its a little video to go along with this poem 🙂 December first



Rain water

Has Rain Ever risin from the depths of the the ocean,
On to Your head as is it pours thousands of miles,
it travels so far away. It will rain again and again but never will like it 
did that day.




I wish,                           
I wished,
I wished once,
I cried that night,
only because... I could never see you again,
you left everyone, everything on this earth.

  I wished,
I wished,
I wished for you to come back...
but that never happened.

my place

Once my place was lost,

where the shadows lurk and hope in battle,

is the time I flee for you. – Mila

Hi everyone! so some of the poems like this one have been posted on my storybird account which is on the link below. I wrote some poems on there before I got into using my blog, but now I enjoy using my blog so I will be posting on both.

storybird poem by: Mila(me)