Son of Poseidon

Hi guys probably some of you have read the Percy Jackson series right? If not you may want to read this.

Book 1( Lightning thief)

A boy, name Percy Jackson, who is diagnosed with Dyslexia goes on an epic quest to try to crack the case of who stole Zeus’s lightning bolt. But on the way to that he discovers that there is a place called Camp Half Blood in New York, Long Island. Were kids can only go if you have a god/goddess parent.

Note from  Mila: I Like how the author had it in modern times but added hints of Greek Myths. I also enjoyed the writing. So, at first I didn’t want to read the series  but I got recommended the book but if I liked it I would read it some more. So I tried it then I enjoyed it!

Book 2 (Sea of Monsters)

  In this book Percy Jackson returns but with a new friend Tyson! Percy only finds out later in the book that Tyson is his brother and a Cyclops.  In this one they go across the mediterranean sea. They meet Circe( who causes serious trouble)! She turned Percy into a hamster and they would try to escape.

Notes from Mila: I enjoyed this book yay, but.. it wasn’t my favorite. I think it wasn’t as creative as the last book but it was still good. My favorite part was with Circe because you didn’t know what was going to happen.

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