The Goddess Test


Hello everyone,

I (sometimes) go to the library to check out books.  I check out around 4 books each time I go. Currently I just finished The Goddess Test by Aimèe Carter.

The Goddess Test

     By: Aimèe Carter

Rating: 4stars 4/5 stars

When I was at the library I was looking for books, When I fell upon The Goddess Test while searching I thought great a book that involves Greek Myths.

This book starts of with the Prologue with a character named Henry and a character named Diana talking about how some girl(named Bethany) drowned in a river… but there were no clues that she could have jumped in herself or that someone pushed her in. Then Henry and Diana started talking about how there had been 11 girls in 80 years and all them died. I personally was confused by this because what did they mean 11 girls in 80 years? I didn’t really understand until I actually read the book.

After the Prologue the Main character is this girl named Kate who is driving from New York City to Eden, Michigan. One reason is because Kate’s mother is sick and is dying. She goes to this school that is called Eden High. There she meets some people one named Ava, another named James, and Lastly, Dylan. Ava invited Kate to a Bonfire in the woods,( that is forbidden for anyone to go to) so Ava takes her there and was planning on drowning Kate instead she accidently cracks her head on a rock and  dies. Minutes later the same person from the prologue, Henry somehow appears in this forest area and says that he can bring Ava back to life and the cost would be the same exact cost for persephone(in greek mythology)

Spoilers Below!

  1.  What I didn’t like about this story was that firstly, the only reason Kate was in this story and ever in this story’s world was to keep this boy Henry alive.
  2.  Secondly, Why didn’t Kate’s mother tell her after eighteen tell Kate that she was the goddess Demeter?
  3.  Thirdly, I didn’t like that the names of the characters aren’t how they are in actual greek myths and are names like Diana, James, Ava, E.T.C. This was sort of confusing.


Books That Are similar

  1.   Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  2. The Selection
  3.  A goddess queen

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