The Outdoors

Hi everyone,

 So in my creative writing class we were asked to write a poem, this is the poem that I wrote,

Hope you like it 🙂



It is the outdoors,

The sun is shining ever so bright,

You could tell it was day, not night,

You could hear the birds chirping near the door,

It almost makes my ears sore,

The trees are dancing with their leaves, oh what a sight,

Maybe someone is even flying their kite,

These trees may be so hollow, right down to their core.


These dandelions bouncing so delicately in the wind,

As the sun is falling over their heads, they stand up ever so straight as though they are held…

To the sky,

It is still moving them,  I mean, the wind,

The sight is one to see, I felt as though I was spelled,

Oh what a sight to see, oh my…



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