New Orleans 3

New Orleans                                           Day 3                  1/29/16

Still here with my mother, father, and brother 🙂

  • Today my day started at  the Old Coffee Pot.  We then went to some shops in the French Quarter.  When we were done shopping, my mom and I went to the Voodoo Museum while my dad and brother stayed at the hotel throwing beads off our hotel balcony to people on the street. The voodoo museum was super cool. I saw a wishing stump in own of the rooms.  You write a wish and make an offering, put it in the stump, and knock nine times.  I made a wish. In the museum there were so many alters. There was also a section of all voodoo dolls, that showed how to make voodoo dolls. When we were done in the voodoo museum we went to Marie Laveau’s Voodoo shop and I bought the pendent called Endless Light, which was beautiful. I also bought a coconut ring that means prosperity and good luck. When we got back to the hotel I joined my brother and dad throwing beads off the balcony to people who wanted them. From our balcony, we also watched a parade of the Krewe of Cork. It was so cool.  They had hats, dresses, necklaces made out of wine corks.  There was a lot of music. After the parade, we threw more beads.  We actually ran out of beads! My dad went to the store to buy more, and once we used up that package it was time to see more parades. We saw the Krewe of Oshun, who is a Voodoo goddess.  The floats were amazing, and the people on them threw beads and toys.  We even caught a coconut! We had so much stuff, my mom needed a bag and our neck hurt from all of the beads.  That parade ended at like 9:30 so decided we would not wait for the next one because we were hungry.  We went back to the hotel and ate dinner.

We had so much fun!



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