New Orleans day 2

New Orleans.     Day 2.          1/28/16

With my Mom,Dad,and Brother.

This morning was very fun. When I woke up we got ready and went to Cafe Du Monde.The only thing the make are beignets and drinks. I ordered some beignets and hot cocoa. The beignets were really good… There was so much powdered sugar on top of them I expected the cafe to be filled with powder suger… Well, I mean I expected a ton of powdered sugar on the floor, but there was none probably because it was in-between rushes. After we went to eat we went and saw the Mississippi river. It was super beautiful …and big! I thought it was super cool. Next we walked down to a bead shop, and today we actually bought 3 masks and some beads.

Then we took the St. Charles trolley down to the Louisiana Children’s Museum… The trolley was so cool, it ran on electric tracks.   We went to this fancy restaurant first where I had a delicious chicken sandwich. At the museum it was super fun… They had so many exhibits! First when we got there we saw this car machine where you “drive” and then when the stop sign goes you need to press the stop pedal as fast as you could.  There were science experiments, an old pretend cabin, a pretens restaurant, and eye doctor.  We played there for a while.  The foods in the play restauranr looked so real!  Then we walked back through the Arts and Warehouse district, which was a cool neighborhood of converted warehouses.. You could see the original sign faded on one of the buildings …it said Fruit Flavoring Company. I wondered how old it was.


When we got back we were so tired we ordered pizza to our room from the restaurant downstairs.

That’s all we have done today. I can’t wait until tomorrow.





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