New Orleans Day 1

New Orleans.  Day 1. 2/27/16

Went with my Mom,Dad,and Brother.

This morning I had to wake up at 5:30 am to go to New Orleans. We got to New Orleans at

10:00 am. When we got to New Orleans it was around 50°F. It took a half hour to get from the airport to where we are staying, the French Quarter. When we got to the French Quarter we went down Burbon street to our hotel… The Bourbon Orleans. Once we got there we found out our room wasn’t ready. So we left our bags there while we were out exploring. We went to a place called the Palace Cafe for lunch.At the Palace I tried turtle soup-it was super yummy. After that we went to a candy shop, where I got a chocolate marshmallow. When we got out of the candy shop we saw some street preformers called St.Cinder.  They played great musician even played a typewriter! We bought one of their CDs. After we saw them play, we went to Marie Laveau’s voodo shop(which I was super excited to go to),my brother didn’t exactly like it inside so he and my dad waited outside. I saw these pendants there and 4 of them caught my eye. One of them was about warding of evil, another one was about mercury and something like that… But those two I took of my list. I am debating about getting the other ones…we will see… Then after we went there we went shopping at a bead store my mom and dad used to go to. We didn’t get anything but we probably will soon. My mom brother and I went shopping and went to this cool jewelery store. After we went to the jewlery store my mom, brother, and I met my dad at Jackson square. There was so much music at Jackson Square, and there was also so much art along the gateways of Jackson Square. The painters were painting or making any kind of art there. Fortune teller brought chairs and set up there. Then after that we went back to the hotel and had dinner. That is where I leave you. Let’s see what me and my family are going to do tommorrow in my next post.


; )



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